The Cologne Guy.

A haven of men’s style and fragrance tips to help you look, smell and be as confident as ever. I am a huge advocate of self-improvement and being the best you can be, especially when it comes to style and fashion and I hope this blog serves you well in your personal development.


I’m Umar, a fragrance and men’s style addict. AKA, The Cologne Guy.

I have always had an interest in self-improvement and using fashion and fragrances to make myself stand out from the crowd.

I’ve written this blog to share my style tips and fragrance recommendations to like-minded people that have an interest in improving their image and attraction to becoming their most confident, and powerful selves.

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About Me.

What is your favourite fragrance?

I’d have to say it’s between two. Versace The Dreamer for getting me into fragrances and opening my nose initially to an old-school smell that I just love. And Encre Noire, a fragrance that smells of 100% success (one that I don’t feel I am worthy of wearing much, but plan to change that) and is a masterpiece in my collection, regardless of price.

What is your grail fragrance?

My grail fragrance (if there is such a thing) would be Amouage Jubilation XXV simply because I am just in awe with the bottle design and the scent character appeals to me greatly.

What are your other style interests (that we may see of in the future)?

Fragrances are my main interest, but my other drug of choice is watches! I use these two avenues as my high when achieving milestones and as motivation to continue moving on up. I feel watches are the perfect accessory to add to everyone’s wardrobe.

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