We all have that fragrance that just doesn’t last long, or can’t be smelt unless you put your skin right up to someone’s nose. And it’s usually fragrances like YSL De L’homme that just smell so damn good too. There are some simple tricks you can do to help give those weak juices a power boost, and as The Cologne Guy, I am happy to share them!


Simple, but most effective. Just use more sprays! If you have a fragrance that you just love and aren’t afraid of going ham with the atomizer, then just spray more than you usually do. Some fragrances like Prada L’homme or Mugler Cologne which are as inoffensive as you can get are perfectly safe to overspray as they won’t cloy or annoy (most) people, so go to town.

Just be wary that as you spray more you will use more fragrance, so be prepared to watch that juice inside the bottle dwindle quicker, and get your wallet ready at the hip if it’s a fragrance you need to replace.

Vaseline on top of the skin

Apply Vaseline on the areas of your skin that you will spray your fragrance. This is because Vaseline will hold the fragrance in a lot better than bare skin and will create a catalyst that lets the fragrance roam for longer, as well as give it some oomph. You don’t need to put a big blob of jelly on either, just a tad bit so nobody can even tell it’s there. Give this one a try especially if you don’t want to overspray.

Spray on your clothes

Just as how Vaseline is a better barrier for fragrance, your clothes are the next step. Apply your fragrance to your clothing as well, such as your shirt colour, or around the neckline and your fragrance will last longer and perform much better.

The only caveat with this is that if you apply fragrance on clothing that you like to wear again, you will have to either wash the fragrance off each time or apply the same fragrance as scents on clothing will linger for even weeks, and using a different fragrance will make the scent notes clash.

The power of Molecule 01

Molecule 01 is a fragrance that is made up of ISO E Super, an ingredient that is found in most perfumes today. Using Molecule 01 (or plain ISO E Super) under your chosen fragrance you can really raise the performance of your fragrance greatly, and as Molecule 01 is characterized as smelling mainly of slight woodiness but just enhancing your natural scent, it won’t clash with what fragrance you want to wear.

Molecule 01 is a magic secret, so get yourself a bottle and try it out with your weak fragrances, or just use the fragrance by itself to enhance your natural body smell.

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  1. I have tried the Vaseline hack with a few frags, but it only worked with the citrusy ones. It actually tamed my Sauvage Very Cool Spray.

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