When it comes to professional wear, a lot of guys seem to forget that accessorising is just as important in the office, as it is when you are in a casual setting. There will be limits as to what you can add to your outfit whilst still keeping inoffensive, so here are what I recommend safely.

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Here are 5 accessories you should look at today


A watch in my opinion is the most important form of jewellery. Not only does it give the impression that you are organised, but it can also be used as a tool as it was intended. It’s much more nonchalant to look at the time by glancing at your wrist than it is to turn on the screen of your phone.

With professional workwear, I recommend a dress watch with a leather band, or a sports watch with a metal bracelet.

Here are some great recommendations:

Dress Watch: Orient Bambino (Paid Amazon Link)

Best of both: Seiko SRPA25K1 (Paid Amazon Link)

Dive Watch: Orient Mako III (Paid Amazon Link)

Be careful, once you get the watch bug, you won’t be able to stop!

Tie Bar

Tie bars are a simple, cheap and effective way to make you stand out whilst also keeping you neat. A tie bar will clip, or slide over your tie and underneath your shirt to keep your tie in the same place. I will always wear one as it adds some jazz and directs people to look at your tie as well as keeping it away from the sink when you go to wash your hands.

Check out this set I found (Paid Amazon Link) for some easy to use clip tie bars in different styles.


Braces are my trademark in the office, I just love them. I find braces much more stylish than wearing a belt, but also more functional in keeping your pants up. Whether it’s with a suit jacket or fully exposed, you can’t go wrong with them.

A traditional black colour will go a long way in versatility, but why not get a tone/pattern that matches your ties like you see me pictured wearing?

Pocket Watch/Waistcoat Chain

With my newfound love of waistcoats, I was excited to discover that I could add another form of jewellery to my office outfits. A bit of a ‘Peaky Blinders’ vibe with this, but a pocket watch or a waistcoat chain can really add some charm and snazz to an already amazing three-piece.

On eBay and Amazon, you can find these for a great price! The mechanical pocket watch pictured is one I picked up on eBay for less than £12 shipped and looks a lot more expensive with its brass style metal.

Check out these I found on Amazon:

Vintage style pocket watch (Paid Amazon Link)

Waistcoat chain (Paid Amazon Link)

Lapel Pin/Brooch

This is a fun one, there are so many styles of lapel pins out there, and with a lot of off-the-rack suits coming with a slot already cut in the lapel, you may as well cover it up with its intended purpose. These aren’t just for weddings, lapel pins have the opportunity to add some fun to your outfit.

The gold bee that I wear with my navy suit is a great conversation piece, and it looks expensive even though I got it for a steal on eBay.

Find a style that you like and experiment, you may build a collection.

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