When you’re young, learning to get your image right is extremely important. To make it easy, I have selected 5 of the best fragrances for teenage guys – these are no-brainer scents! Whether it’s for use in school, college, or maybe for young professionals, you can’t go wrong with these affordable safe bets.

Here are some of the safest and best fragrances for teenage guys to wear for school and college

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Lacoste Blanc Bottle

Lacoste Blanc (Casual & Safe)

This is the perfect White Tee fragrance if there ever was such a thing. Lacoste Blanc has come out with a youthful release that is fresh with lime, floral and woody notes. Definitely more on the casual side, but a delightful scent that most people will like.

This is a white floral that is done well, safe, and masculine.

This fragrance pairs extremely well with teenagers in my opinion, which is why I wanted to lead with it. If you are looking at getting this one for a gift, the Lacoste brand and logo on the bottle make this a great one. It’s a great fragrance and one that can be worn on most occasions.

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D by Diesel (Versatile King)

As universal as a pair of jeans according to Diesel, and I have to agree. This is an absolutely fantastic fragrance that is extremely safe to wear.

It smells fresh with this aromatic lavender that really draws you in, with some slight spice using ginger that settles in after the initial spray, notes of vanilla, and a cotton note that blends this fragrance into one versatile king.

Although this is supposed to be a Unisex fragrance, I recommend this one for the guys. It’s one that a teen could wear from his first year in high school, to college and all the way to the office. A great and safe signature scent for someone that just wants to smell good.

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D by Diesel Fragrance Bottle
Joop! Homme Bottle

Joop! Homme (The Sweet Juice)

If you want a powerful and projecting fragrance then Joop! Homme is one to look at. It’s a youthful blend, using notes of bergamot, orange blossom, cinnamon, amber, musk and tonka bean.

This is one of the cheapest fragrances on the list, and it’s amazing how much performance you get for such an affordable package. This would be my pick on the list for teenage guys looking to wear something on a fun night out.

When spraying this one, go easy! Limit yourself to 3-4 sprays max, otherwise, the overwhelming sweetness can be too much for yourself and those around you.

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Versace Dylan Blue (Masculine and Blue)

This is a fantastic pick and one I would reach for without hesitation. It’s extremely well-rounded, versatile and loved by most.

It can be described as an Aromatic Aquatic Fougere, with Bergamot, Grapefruit, Ambroxan and a mix of other notes. This blend creates an invigorating fresh & clean, shower-gel type DNA. Along the lines of Blue De Chanel, Sauvage and Acqua Di Gio, this is also a fragrance that a teenager can wear from school to manhood.

Honestly, it fits pretty much any age range.

The Versace brand is also hyped, and if it matters to you will score some points amongst friends.

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Versace Dylan Blue Bottle
First Instinct Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie & Fitch First Instinct
(Timeless DNA)

First Instinct was released back in 2016 and its ongoing success is a clear sign that it’s a good one. Its fragrance DNA is timeless and will continue to get you many compliments.

There are quite a few notes in this one, namely Melon, Tonic Water, Gin, Pepper, Citruses, Musk, Suede, and Amber to name a few. All of this creates a fruity and fresh fragrance, that gets peppery and a little bit sweet as it dries down. Think once again along the lines of Dior Sauvage. There’s a reason both of these fragrances are so hugely successful.

This is one that will get you through your college safely and is perfect for teenage guys looking to up their scent.

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