5 Best Style Accessories for Men

Watch, Braces and Tie Bar Style Accessories for Men
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Mastering your professional wear involves recognising the significance of accessories, often overlooked in the office. You can surpass your current style without crossing boundaries by adhering to tasteful choices. The right accessories not only refine your look but also communicate attention to detail and personal flair. While the office setting imposes limits, there’s ample room for subtle enhancements. Let’s explore key accessories that strike the perfect balance between professionalism and individuality, enhancing your overall appearance in the workplace.


A watch is more than a timekeeping device; it’s a statement piece that showcases sophistication. Beyond its practical function, a watch subtly communicates your organisational skills. Opting for a dress watch with a leather band can imprint timeless elegance into your professional ensemble. For a sportier yet polished look, consider a metal bracelet sports watch. The choice between these styles depends on the formality of your work environment and personal taste. Embrace the convenience of a quick wrist glance, maintaining an air of nonchalance, an artful alternative to smartphone-checking etiquette in professional settings.

Explore our recommendations for the perfect timepiece to complement your work attire.

Tie Bars

Tie bars are not just functional; they are a stylish punctuation to your professional look. These simple yet impactful accessories serve as both a practical solution and a fashion statement. By securing your tie in place, a tie bar ensures a neat appearance throughout the day. It goes beyond functionality, adding a touch of jazz to your outfit. The subtle gleam of a tie bar directs attention to your tie, allowing you to showcase your sartorial flair. Imagine the convenience of keeping your tie away from the sink when washing your hands—practicality meeting style seamlessly.

Discover an array of tie bar styles to elevate your office attire effortlessly.


Braces, now often overlooked in modern office attire, are a distinctive and stylish accessory that can redefine your professional look. By elegantly crisscrossing over your shoulders, braces contribute to a well-defined silhouette, highlighting your figure with a touch of sophistication. Unlike belts, which can sometimes disrupt the clean lines of your outfit, braces seamlessly integrate into your look, providing both form and function. The choice between fully exposing them or subtly revealing them beneath a suit jacket is yours, offering versatility in styling. While a traditional black color provides timeless appeal and versatility, consider additional tones or patterns that complement your ties, creating a cohesive and polished appearance.

Consider this accessory not only as a fashion statement but also as a tool to accentuate your physique and present a polished, put-together image in the professional setting.

Pocket Watches and Chains

The resurgence of waistcoats in modern men’s fashion opens up exciting possibilities for adding distinctive accessories to your office wardrobe. A pocket watch or a waistcoat chain, reminiscent of the classic ‘Peaky Blinders’ aesthetic, introduces a touch of vintage refinement to your usual three-piece. Scouring platforms like eBay and Amazon unveil a treasure trove of pocket watches and waistcoat chains at budget-friendly prices. As you delve into this world of accessories, you’ll find that incorporating a pocket watch or waistcoat chain brings an extra layer of snazz and charisma to your already exceptional office attire.

Lapel Pins

Exploring lapel pins opens up a realm of possibilities to inject personality and playfulness into your office attire. The diversity in styles allows you to go beyond the conventional and transform your look. With many off-the-rack suits featuring a pre-cut slot in the lapel, embracing this detail with purposeful lapel pins becomes a stylish choice. Contrary to the misconception that lapel pins are exclusive to formal events like weddings, these accessories present an opportunity to infuse a touch of fun into your everyday work wardrobe.

My personal favourite, a gold bee pinned to my navy suit, serves as a captivating conversation starter. Despite being an eBay find at a steal, its appearance looks luxury, proving that elevating your outfit with distinctive lapel pins doesn’t have to break the bank.

As you delve into the world of lapel pins, you’ll discover endless ways to express your style, turning a seemingly small accessory into a powerful tool for self-expression and sartorial creativity in the professional setting.

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