When wearing a fragrance to the office you need to focus on scents that are pleasant and inoffensive, meaning most people won’t be annoyed by it. In an office environment, people work in close proximity with each other for usually 8 hours a day. You do not want to wear a fragrance such as Amouage Interlude Man that is extremely powerful, spicy and smokey, which could really annoy your next-desk colleague who may not be a fan and has to put up with it for their whole shift.

Here are 5 fragrances that are inoffensive, and perfect for
an office environment.

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Mugler Cologne (Come Together)

Mugler Cologne (now sold as a flanker called Come Together) is one of the safest fragrances on this list, making it a great pick for those that just want to smell fresh and clean in the office and nothing more. It’s quite affordable too (especially with the 300ml size) giving you plenty of juice. This one is described as being an aromatic green fragrance, its heavy citrus notes make you smell fresh, clean and soapy as if you have just got out of the shower.

However, you’re gonna need most of the juice as its projection and longevity is weaker than most fragrances. Simply apply this one before work and then halfway through your shift.

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Hugo Boss Bottled Night

Bottled Night is my go-to nowadays, very professional smelling and also quite masculine. I’ve bought the 200ml for under £40 on sale, and you can find this one in stores to test before you buy. The scent profile is described as being a woody aromatic, lavender is used and is quite noticeable giving off a fresh aroma which works great in my opinion for formal workwear.

A very versatile fragrance though and one I can safely recommend to anyone. (Love Hugo Boss bottles too).

Most Hugo Boss fragrances have average performance, this one is no different but no matter as using my fragrance performance tips you can still get the most out of this fantastic juice.

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Mercedes Benz Black Leather

Mercedes Benz Black Leather is an interesting leather amber gourmand-ish fragrance, that shares similarities to Dolce & Gabbana The One with the added leather note (like the smell of leather car seats in a Benz!).

In my opinion, Black Leather smell as if it’s The One’s older, professional brother. It does quite smell similar and although I recommended The One in my fragrances for dates, both can be used in the office if your workplace is more relaxed. A lot of people will like, or not mind the smell that this juice gives off, which is why it’s on this list.

Because of its sweetness, it’s not really a ‘mature’ scent but anyone can choose to rock this easy-to-like fragrance regardless of age.

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Most Affordable| Salvatore Ferragamo F Black

This is a peppery-apple bomb. A very powerful and great projecting scent which is fantastic for its price. This fragrance is great for the office as, not only is it the cheapest entry on this list (meaning it won’t hurt the bank if you use this regularly), but will also make you smell professional, clean and most of all, confident.

It does smell synthetic though, negative reviews have said it reminds them of baby wipes but I don’t get that at all. No doubt, however, it’s not a natural smelling fragrance. You should only really reach to this one when it’s not extremely hot as the pepper and sweetness could get cloying in high heat.

I’d also say most people, and you, won’t like the initial spray or the initial scent close up. Give it 30 minutes to an hour and then it shines, the fact that it smells better from a distance is good for the office as you shouldn’t really be invading other people’s personal space anyways.

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Our Pick| Givenchy Gentlemen (2017) EDT

This fragrance is our pick as it’s perfect for the office, Givenchy has outdone themselves with the updated Gentlemen release. The first Gentlemen came out in 1974 and this refresh aims to update the smell to suit the modern-day gentleman in this age.

The use of pear and pineapple is prominent in the first blast. Which then transforms to a powdery lavender, and then settles down with some leather and vanilla.

What’s interesting about this fragrance is its use of Iris, which would give of the smell of lipstick, but don’t worry as the rest of the notes keep this fragrance masculine and compliment the use of a usually feminine note.

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