Versatile. Masculine. Sexy.

Those 3 words are what come to mind when you use Gucci Pour Homme.
This tobacco-based fragrance is a must-try for all fragrance enthusiasts. But is it better than Dior Sauvage? Let’s find out.

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Gucci Pour Homme Bottle
Gucci Pour Homme Box and Bottle


The new iteration boasts an elongated, boxy bottle with high-quality, thick glassware with a slate/grey tint. The cap, featuring the Gucci logo, resembles a vintage door knocker, adding to its rich and luxurious appearance.

My version has the original Gucci logo, however, your version may include a more italic/calligraphic iteration of the logo. The fragrance in both versions is the same.


This fragrance opens with top notes of bergamot and violet, creating an addictive and fresh aroma. The heart notes of leather, sweet tobacco, amber, and black pepper add a slight spice to the scent. The base notes of patchouli, cedarwood, and amyris give the fragrance a woodsy finish.

The tobacco and violet are the most prominent, but all the notes are blended to create a well-rounded fragrance that is 24/7 versatile and suitable for any weather and occasion.

Overall this is a wonderfully masculine-smelling fragrance that many adore.

Tobacco and Violet Sketches


Although Gucci Pour Homme has decent longevity, lasting up to 7-8 hours on the skin, its projection leaves something to be desired. It has a strong initial spray but quickly becomes a close-proximity fragrance. This makes it ideal for intimate settings, where its wonderful scent can be appreciated.

Go heavy with the sprays, 6+, and spray on clothes.

Check out my post here for some tips to improve the longevity and performance of a fragrance.


In conclusion, Gucci Pour Homme’s versatility, mainstream appeal, and masculine scent make it a must-try. If it had stronger projection, it could have easily taken the crown from Dior Sauvage. It’s still however a great signature scent and would suit any man well – making it a great gift or pick-up for anyone who wants to add an edge to their style and image.

Overall, its phenomenal opening and tobacco-based aroma make it a fragrance worth trying.

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