Background into John Varvatos

John Varvatos, an underrated designer house that is rumoured to be going bankrupt. Such a shame as their fragrances are such good quality and they have a great range that can appeal to most. You should be able to find this fragrance at department stores still, however, and you can find their fragrances for sale at regular retail pricing online as well, but will that change soon?

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John Varvatos always have great presentation and with Artisan Pure, the bottle design continues the trend and shines. With its wooden cap, white opaque bottle wrapped with a white, flat willow-like material. The base of the bottle is also wooden and is a perfect representation of what the fragrance is trying to be. It looks natural and summery, just as the smell is.

Now for the smell | Fragrance Notes

Top notes: Clementine, Mandarin Orange, Lemon, Bergamot Thyme, Marjoram

Mid notes: Petitgrain, Ginger

Base notes: Woody Notes, Musk, Orris Root, Amber

For a white floral fragrance, this thing doesn’t smell extremely masculine but can definitely be worn safely by men, don’t let the direction of the fragrance lead you away. It smells tranquil to me in fact, as if I am walking through a warm flower field on a clear summer’s day. Its citrus notes with the clementine and lemon put a refreshing spell on you, but the rest of the notes are very calming too. The initial spray is glorious with this one, and as it dries down the lingering scent trail is one to remember too.

This one smells natural to me, no chemical synthetic nonsense with Artisan Pure. If you are a modern-day gentleman then I would pair you with this magic bottle.

Longevity & Projection

This one is apparently one of the better performing of the John Varvatos range, I’ve not tried any of the others but can say that longevity and projection on this one seems to be average. 4 hours before it settles into a skin scent. As this has been my introduction into the range, I can safely say that its performance hasn’t made me want to avoid the rest (Vintage is something I’ve been eyeing next), so a thumbs up from me. It’s good, but obviously not a beast by any means.


This is one to save for the hot weather and can be worn casually say at the beach, to even formal parties/work when pairing with a light coloured suit. Versatility is there, but it depends on the location and occasion (no to clubbing, but fine for a beach party in the night) I save this one for hot holidays abroad or on rare scorching days in the UK. This is one that I rarely pull out, but when I do I am in awe of the repose that comes with it.

The Cologne Guy verdict

Price: Between £40 to £60

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