Shoes in my opinion can make or break an outfit, and as you enter a room they are usually the first thing people seem to look at making them a first-impression piece of clothing. The black leather derby shoe that you see often doesn’t look bad, but if you want to upgrade your style rating then continue reading to see what type of footwear I recommend.

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Here are some alternatives to look out for next time you go shoe shopping

Brown or Suede Shoes

This recommendation applies to pretty much any style of shoe. Simply switch to brown leather or even a suede material to stand out easily.

The most popular form of shoe you see in the office will be made from shiny black leather, so switching to brown will really make your shoes pop in a crowd. Even wearing suede (if you can maintain them) is a great option as the way suede works in light, removing the shine and adding texture can make your shoes a lot more interesting and stylish.

Chelsea Boot

Now Chelsea Boots are quite versatile lace-less shoes as they can be worn with a suit, as well as with jeans in semi-casual dress. They are a unisex style of shoe and work great on both men and women.

They are quite easy to put on and off, but if you have a stiff pair then get a shoehorn (Paid Amazon Link) to protect the leather and your sanity.

Depending on what you are comfortable with, I would get a pair with a standard heel height, otherwise, they would definitely stand out as a boot rather than a shoe, but then again that could be a style you are looking for.

Top Tip: With any shoe you need to maintain it's leather, otherwise you'll be stuck with noticeably worn shoes or having to cough up for a new pair sooner. Get some leather cream to protect the leather before you wear your new shoes. This cream will moisturize the leather and protect it from heat and wear.  (Paid Amazon Link)

Most Stylish| Tassel Loafers

If you really want to stand out then get yourself a pair of Tassel Loafers and pick a style of tassel that you are comfortable with wearing. These definitely aren’t for everyone’s taste and you will get a lot of stares and comments regarding your shoes (usually good).

You can usually find this type of shoe being worn at black-tie and red carpet events, but I used to rock them exclusively to work for a number of years and have spotted these worn occasionally by busy-looking suited individuals when out in the city.

Try to stay away from the large tassels as they can get a bit overbearing, but once again if you can make it work then go for it.

Our Pick| Monk Strap

Monk Straps are my favourite go-to. I have a pair of double monk straps in both black and brown. This type of shoe has no laces but can be ‘fastened’ with its buckle that can come in a single strap, or double strap (my pick).

I find these really easy to wear, quite comfortable and quick to put on and off. With the straps, it really makes it so that from top to bottom my outfit is still interesting.

Make sure to get a pair with decent leather quality as the straps from use will start to look abused if you have worn a poor pair often.

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