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When it comes to making a good first impression, smelling your best sometimes goes right under most people’s noses (pun intended). Just as how sometimes better looks and fashion are what aides someone in getting hired (something that we pretend doesn’t happen, but does), you should also take advantage of doing your best to smell better than everyone else too.

Here are 5 fragrances that will make you smell great for your job interview.

Image of Mont Blanc Explorer Bottle

Mont Blanc Explorer

Mont Blanc Explorer is not only affordable, but it is an extremely safe, versatile and signature-worthy fragrance. This is Mont Blanc’s take on ‘Creed Aventus’ which means its scent should be familiar to others and not offensive in the slightest, and will definitely leave a great first impression on your interviewers.

Its fresh clean citrus notes will work well with professional wear and get the right message across to you whoever is sitting in front of you.

You can find this fragrance in most stores available for testing on the skin, so definitely one you can easily try before you buy, but safe to blind buy too as it’s quite mass-appealing.

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Sean John Unforgivable

Another affordable entry, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this smells cheap. This gem was made to smell like ‘Creed Millesime Imperial’ making it a very fresh, citrusy and woody scent that is perfectly safe and shouldn’t offend once more. This can also be used casually and is a great pick if you are just starting off getting into fragrances.

This one does have a mixed response in terms of longevity, I personally get around 4 hours of use before it becomes a close encounter skin scent. I would recommend getting the 75 ml bottle as I have myself and carrying it around so you can spray in the car just before you introduce yourself to your future (hopefully) employer.

They should have named this ‘Unforgettable’ as your smell won’t be forgotten (sorry for that, I just had to!)

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Bentley for Men Intense

For a mature audience (whether it be in age, attitude or taste), Bentley Intense is a fantastic fragrance and definitely my pick. Affordable once again but arguably the most expensive-smelling on the list. This fragrance dominates with its rum-leather vibe and is super powerful also (so use little sprays, I’d say 3).

This is one that I would reach for during the colder months, not one for summer I’m afraid as the boozy-sweetness can be cloying.

A heavy and masculine masterpiece. Its quality is almost unmatched in its price range.

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Mont Blanc Legend

Month Blanc has secured another spot on this list because they just smell so good for the price. Legend is a classic fragrance that smells very similar to ‘Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce’. I believe this fragrance to be very versatile and safe, and can be a signature scent that you can wear outside of the office also. Very fresh, clean, and masculine.

It’s a sporty-fresh and professional smelling fragrance that will match up nicely with a navy suit. Can be used all-around and is a mass-appealing gem.

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Our Pick| Prada L’Homme

This one is our top pick, and for good reason. Prada makes some of the finest soap fragrances on the market, L’Homme in particular works extremely well whilst dressed up and is a favourite among fragrance lovers as their top choice for an office fragrance.

Fresh and clean, soapy fragrances are a safe bet to coming across as professional, when paired with smart clothing.

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