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TheLookGuide Kendall Roy with Sunglasses and Richard Mille Watch
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Winner of 13 Emmys, including Outstanding Drama Series in both 2022 and 2020, Succession is a show that delves into the complexities of power, politics, and money within a highly dysfunctional dynasty. Against this backdrop of uncertainty and tension, one character stands out for his distinctive style and presence: Kendall Roy. Known for his impeccable fashion sense and charismatic demeanour, Kendall embodies a unique blend of sophistication, confidence, and edge.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the key elements of Kendall Roy’s style, offering insights and tips on how to emulate his iconic looks. We’ll uncover the secrets behind Kendall’s wardrobe choices and grooming routine, helping you channel his signature aesthetic effortlessly. So, whether you’re navigating the tumultuous world of high-stakes business deals or simply seeking to elevate your personal style, join me on a journey to master Kendall Roy’s look amidst the chaos of Waystar Royco’s impending sale.

Who is Kendall Roy?

Kendall Roy, brought to life by the talented Jeremy Strong, embodies a rich tapestry of traits on the TV show “Succession.” He navigates the intricate web of familial dynamics and corporate power struggles through his ambition, intellect, and vulnerability. Known for his strategic manoeuvres and adaptability under pressure, Kendall’s character resonates deeply with audiences, offering a nuanced exploration of ambition and personal growth amidst the backdrop of privilege and influence.

Jeremy Strong’s portrayal captures Kendall’s inner turmoil and complexities with depth and authenticity, earning him widespread acclaim. Viewers also take note of Kendall’s impeccable dress sense, which mirrors his character’s persona. From sharp suits to carefully curated casual wear, Kendall’s attention to detail reflects his upbringing and aspiration to exude success and authority. However, beneath the facade of sophistication lies a man grappling with insecurities, adding layers of intrigue to Kendall Roy’s character and solidifying his place as a captivating figure in television.

Kendall Roy's Grooming and Hair Style

Kendall upholds a well-groomed appearance (most of the time) with meticulous attention to detail. His hairstyle, tailored to complement his facial shape and natural hairline, features a precise side part and neatly arranged strands. This timeless haircut seamlessly aligns with Kendall’s tailored wardrobe and sharp fashion choices, enhancing his overall demeanour. Achieving Kendall’s hairstyle yourself is as easy as consulting with a skilled barber to trim your hair short, ensuring that the sides are shorter than the top for the desired look.

To replicate his hairstyle, a high-hold and medium-shine hair product is recommended for styling. Finish with a light mist of hairspray to lock in the desired style and provide additional support throughout the day.

In addition to his timeless hairstyle, Kendall sports a close-cut stubble that adds a touch of rugged charm to his polished appearance. This stubble can be easily replicated using a beard trimmer with a 2mm to 3mm guard. Alternatively, Kendall’s facial hair can be achieved by opting for a close shave and allowing the hair to grow back for a few days before repeating the process. His neatly trimmed facial hair perfectly complements his sophisticated yet approachable style, adding to Kendall’s overall look.

Styling Products

Kendall Roy's Dress Sense

When it comes to Kendall’s corporate attire, his wardrobe must match his confidence and authority, with each outfit crafted to make a statement. While he showcases a wide range of professional outfits, one look stands out as the epitome of CEO vibes: the classic all-black suit. With its confident wide lapels and tailored silhouette, this look radiates power and sophistication. Kendall often opts for an open-collar look, forgoing the traditional tie for a more relaxed yet commanding appearance.  It’s a look that effortlessly balances authority with approachability, signalling to his colleagues and competitors alike that he means business.

Another standout outfit in Kendall’s wardrobe showcases a touch of edginess when he opts for a brown leather gilet layered over a thick brown sweater. The gilet adds a layer of texture and visual interest to the outfit, while the cosy sweater provides warmth and comfort.

Finally, another memorable outfit from Kendall’s repertoire is his birthday fit, which showcases his taste for luxury. Sporting a stylish royal green turtleneck paired with an extravagant quilted bomber jacket, Kendall exudes effortless cool birthday-boy vibes. The jacket, adorned with coloured accents that perfectly complement the turtleneck, adds character and good pairing. However, the true highlight of this outfit is the $15,000 Rashid Johnson-Designed Necklace adorning Kendall’s neck. Limited to only 15 pieces, this accessory serves as a statement piece, reflecting Kendall’s status and discerning eye for exclusive and luxurious fashion. With this look, Kendall effortlessly commands attention and makes a lasting impression.

What sunglasses does Kendall Roy wear?

Kendall Roy’s affinity for high-status style extends beyond his wardrobe to his choice of eyewear. His custom-made Jacques Marie Mage Ripley sunglasses, inspired by the retro aesthetics of the 1960s, exude sophistication and refinement. The rich brown hues of these frames perfectly complement Kendall’s discerning taste. At the same time, the discreet engraving of his initials, “KLR,” adds a personalised touch that speaks to his bespoke sense of style.

The hype of Kendall’s iconic shades has only grown since their on-screen debut, prompting Jacques Marie Mage to release a limited edition of 100 replica frames known as the JMM x KLR Ripley. Priced at $750 each, these exclusive replicas offered fans a chance to capture a piece of Kendall’s signature look. However, with their distinct design, limited production run, and association with the character, acquiring a pair of these Ripleys now comes at a premium in the reseller market—a testament to Kendall Roy’s status as a fashion icon.


What watch does Kendall Roy wear?

Kendall Roy, with his elite upbringing and keen sense of style, is often spotted wearing luxurious, high-end watches. These timepieces are not just accessories but statements of his status and taste. Reflecting his affluent background, Kendall’s choice of watches speaks volumes about his appreciation for craftsmanship and fine living.

When it comes to his watch catalogue, Kendall is most known for sporting a Richard Mille, the Titanium RM 67-01 specifically in the final season.

The RM 67-01 epitomises luxury and innovation. Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this timepiece seamlessly combines extra flat watchmaking with Richard Mille’s signature sophistication.

Powered by a skeletonised CALIBRE CRMA6 automatic-winding movement, the RM 67-01 boasts a sleek profile and exceptional functionality. Its titanium baseplate and bridges, treated for rigidity and precise surface flatness, ensure optimal performance and durability.

The platinum rotor, coupled with the OneWay® winding system, efficiently powers the watch while maintaining its compact dimensions. Beyond its technical prowess, the RM 67-01’s refined tonneau-shaped case and intricate dial construction exemplify the brand’s commitment to elegance and craftsmanship.

For Kendall Roy, a man of discerning taste and stature, the RM 67-01 serves as the ultimate expression of status and style, perfectly complementing his attitude, persona and high-profile lifestyle.

The price of this watch? £165,000

Affordable Alternatives

What fragrance does Kendall Roy use?

Although Kendall Roy’s fragrance choice is not explicitly mentioned in the show, one can imagine him reaching for sophisticated scents that match his high-status fashion and taste in watches. Given his dominance in the professional world, Creed Aventus would likely grace Kendall’s collection. Aventus is renowned for its blend of fresh pineapple, blackcurrant, and oakmoss, evoking an aura of confidence and success that resonates with Kendall’s ambitious personality. Its versatility and commanding presence make it a staple fragrance for individuals who command attention and respect.

Alongside Aventus, one could envision Kendall embracing the opulence pick of Clive Christian No.1 for Men. This iconic fragrance was once regarded as ‘The Most Expensive Fragrance In The World’, a title befitting Kendall’s appreciation for exclusivity and luxury. Boasting a rich blend of rare and precious natural ingredients, including jasmine, rose, and sandalwood, Clive Christian No.1 exudes a sense of exclusivity and refinement that would undoubtedly appeal to Kendall’s discerning sensibilities.

Additionally, Tom Ford Oud Wood might find its way onto Kendall’s vanity. This luxurious fragrance is a modern classic, blending smoky oud with warm sandalwood and earthy vetiver. Oud Wood exudes an air of mystery and sophistication, perfectly complementing Kendall’s elegant demeanour and dynamic personality. Its rich and exotic aroma is a testament to Kendall’s refined taste and indulgence in the finer pleasures of life.

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