You don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to smell good. Sure, niche and designer fragrances do lead by example for quality, longevity and getting compliments. But, there are lots of gems for those that want to enter the world of fragrances on a strict budget. I have selected some fantastic fragrances below that have left a longstanding impression on me.

Here are 5 budget fragrances under £50, perfect for gifts, or to add to your collection.

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rasasi daarej

Rasasi Daarej Pour Homme
(Playful Compliment Getter)

The bottle and box presentation leaves much to be desired, but the greyish-purple juice colour gives you an insight into its playfulness. Rasasi Dareej comes in strong with a sweet, powdery vanilla and amber mix.

This one projects well for the first 2 hours and lasts me 6-7 hours before turning into a pleasing skin scent. For under £25, the quality of this juice is an absolute bargain that you’d be hard-pressed to walk by.

Under £25 | Paid Amazon Link

versace the dreamer

Versace The Dreamer (90’s Heaven)

The smell of this fragrance does its name justice. Versace The Dreamer was released in 1996 and can be had for usually under £25 on discount. It’s 50/50 for compliments and mainstream appeal, but the floral, tobacco goodness that comes from the well-designed bottle sprayer is pure 90s heaven. It puts me in a feel-good trance, ready to take on the world.

Everyone looking to build a collection should own this one in my opinion. Although it’s friendly on the wallet, this is one I leave for special occasions.

Under £25 | Paid Amazon Link

antonio banderas black seduction

Antonio Banderas Black Seduction (Seductive Playboy)

Celebrity fragrances get a bad wrap, but this one will make you think otherwise. Black Seduction (or Seduction In Black, same juice) is a sexy, masculine and safe fragrance that would pair well with an all-black suit, or dressed-down for date night.

It’s mysterious, seductive and sweet, using blackcurrant, bergamot and cardamom notes. Quite unique on its own feet.

Not the longest-lasting, but I have no problems reapplying this after half a day’s work, and restarting its journey from bold initial spray to end.

Under £30 | Paid Amazon Link

issey miyake nuit d'issey

Issey Miyake Nuit D’Issey (Winter Pick)

Issey Miyake is a well respected and known fragrance house, and Nuit D’Issey is a great addition to their already strong line. Bergamot, grapefruit, leather and wood are just a few notes that make this one stand out.

It’s classy, spicy and warm. Best suited on a cold winter evening. Its smokiness is well done, and not too harsh. Very different to the shower-gel type fragrances that the majority wear nowadays.

If you want to make a statement, this one is for you.

Under £35 | Paid Amazon Link

moschino uomo

Moschino Uomo (Italian Gentleman)

Moschino Uomo is an old-school barbershop fragrance. It opens quite refreshing with its fruity and citrus blast then settles down into an earthy musk. It’s powdery, Italian and sophisticated.

Although released in 1998, I get a fair amount of compliments from women whilst wearing this one. If that doesn’t matter to you, it’s quite uplifting and safe, one that I enjoy pairing with a light coloured suit. Great for all seasons, perfect for a summer’s day.

Under £40 | Paid Amazon Link

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