Is it just an Aventus Clone?

Zara Vibrant Leather is a hyped cheapie in the fragrance world. It comes up often in the discussion for a Creed Aventus alternative and is arguably referred to as Zara’s best men’s fragrance.

But, is it truly just the best Aventus clone for £20, and are the new 2020 Eau De Parfum batches worth your attention?

Let’s find out if Vibrant Leather is worth
a visit to your local Zara Store.

Zara Vibrant Leather Bottle
Zara Vibrant Leather Box


The printing on the box is in attractive Zara fashion, with contrast lettering. It doesn’t look cheap, but the pricing in euros on the back will give a clear indication that it is.

The bottle itself comes in clear glass with a thicker base, allowing you to see how much fragrance juice you have left. The sprayer is covered by a friction fit plastic cap with Zara engraving on the top. The sprayer is of average performance and disperses the juice well.

The compact 60ml size is great for carrying with you in a bag, not taking up much room and allowing you to respray on the go (which you will need to do).


Vibrant Leather opens up very fresh and citrusy with heavy bergamot and ambroxan. I can smell a mix of lemon and slight pineapple (a note that Aventus is known for), very fruity and natural, once the chemical harshness fades away quickly.

What’s interesting is that Zara Vibrant Leather seems to add some aquatic nuances, which makes it slightly different to the generic Aventus clone. It plays well with the Aventus DNA, and I personally like its addition to the overall freshness.

It’s a versatile and safe fragrance that can work on all occasions, whether it’s work, school, dates, or outings, you name it. You will get compliments from both men and women.

It smells great, there’s no question about it.

Bergamot and Pineapple
Zara Vibrant Leather 100ml bottle


Projection seems strong on the first spray. It will fill a small room, but don’t let that fool you. It dies down quick within the hour, winding down to a close proximity scent bubble. The projection is short-lived, which is disappointing for an Eau De Parfum.

The longevity when projecting is below average, but when it turns to a skin scent it does seem to last. Vibrant Leather projects close to 3.5 hours overall whereby a respray is needed. Performance is dependent on temperature and will increase when it gets hotter during the summer.

Go heavy with the sprays, 5-6, and definitely spray on clothes.

Check out my post here for some tips to improve the longevity and performance of a fragrance.


If you aren’t bothered that you are wearing a clone fragrance, and want to experience Aventus for cheap then Zara Vibrant Leather is a great pickup.

There are many Aventus alternatives, but I like the fact that for most people, you can visit a Zara store, smell a tester and then walk out with the same fragrance for a very reasonable price.

I am happy to add this one to my collection and will be wearing it often to work and as an easy-to-reach when out and about. I will most likely be buying a spare bottle too until I add a 100ml bottle of Creed Aventus to my own collection.

It’s not an original fragrance by any stretch,
but it is a great deal.

Zara Vibrant Leather Text Linear

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